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Welcome to!  My name is Harv Brinson,
and I am the only fully certified NRA Pistol Instructor in Costa Rica. 
I am also an NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer.
My Assistant Instructors and I teach the following NRA courses:

First Steps/Basic Pistol:

This is two courses taught as one course over two days of classroom and shooting range instruction. Upon completion of this course and a final examination, you will receive an NRA certificate. You will possess the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to be a safe and responsible gun owner. You will learn the rules of Gun Safety, and safe storage of arms and ammunition, how to identify different models and actions of handguns and their component parts and their ammunition and ammunition components, and how to determine if a gun is safe to operate and if ammunition is safe and appropriate to use in a particular gun. You will know how to use gun sights to adjust the point of impact of your bullets, the proper ways to hold a gun, sight picture and alignment, trigger and breathing control, and proper position to insure accuracy. You will learn what to do when a pistol does not fire when it is supposed to and how to safely deal with ammunition and mechanical failures. We will lead you through extensive dry firing (also called "dry practice") drills, wherein you manipulate our non-firing laser guns and our actual firing guns using dummy ammunition in order to learn the skills mentioned above before you ever fire a live cartridge. Live fire - actually shooting live ammunition - starts on the first day and continues through the second day. You will fire 300 .22 Long Rifle cartridges using our Kimber Conversion Kit, which allows us to fire .22 caliber ammunition using a full-size 1911 .45 caliber frame. Then you will progress to the full-size 1911 .45 caliber pistol, and will fire 100 times. You will now have progressed to a more advanced level of shooting, and a sample of what more advanced courses involving personal self defense techniques entail, including carry methods and presentation and firing from a holster. We will discuss personal firearm selection and ammunition and accessories, pistol shooting activities and opportunities for skill development. At the end of the last day you will learn how to clean and maintain different types of handguns and take your final examination.

Personal Protection Inside the Home:

This is a single course with First Steps/Basic Pistol as a prerequisite. Course length is one full day, spent primarily on the range. You will acquire the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to keep and maintain a firearm in your home for the purpose of personal protection for yourself and the occupants of your home. Among the subjects covered are defensive shooting concepts, basic defensive shooting skills, shooting positions, aiming and firing techniques, utilizing cover and concealment and gun handling. There will be a total of 350 shots fired in a variety of home defense scenarios, from a variety of shooting positions. Ammunition will be as in First Steps/Basic Pistol. Additional course material will discuss making your home safer, responding to a break-in, confronting an intruder or attacker, what do do if you must shoot and the aftermath of a defensive shooting. You will also learn how to select a firearm for home defense, suitable ammunition and what accessories, if any, you may need. Some courses will feature a guest speaker from the legal profession who will discuss current law regarding personal defense with a firearm, as well as a speaker from the local law enforcement community. Training resources will be discussed, and the final examination given and course certificates awarded.